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Flux Cored Welding Wire Production Line

Flux Cored Welding Wire Production Line


Ø  Used for welding wire forming, filling powder, rolling minus diameter,

Ø  Speed can be conveniently set up and adjust.

Ø  Powder evenness ≤±0.5.

Ø  Servo Motor Feeding Mechanism

Equipment function:

It is mainly used for winding the diameter specification of Φ0.8~2mm, and winding it into a disc-shaped package. Can be wound solid core, flux cored wire, etc. The equipment consists of 630 paying off machine, tensioner, host machine and electrical control cabinet.

  • The host adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, servo control cable laying mechanism, and the cable laying is accurate.
  • Tensioner adopts cylinder damping and analog displacement detection system to detect tension change and ensure constant tension
  • The paying off machine adopts active paying off, with constant tension, to ensure the high-speed and stable automatic layer winding of the unit
  • The electrical system is controlled by Delta PLC, and the touch screen is used to set and display parameters. The servo controller controls the cable arrangement, and the frequency converter controls the speed.
  1. Technical Parameter :
    1. Wire reel size :Φ 52mm x Φ 270mm x 90mm
    2. Wire specification):Φ8mm ~ Φ2mm
    3. Dimension of I-shaped wheel :Φ 630mm x 430mm
    4. Maximum speed of layer winder :20M/S
    5. Take-up motor :YVP112M – 5/4
    6. Paying off motor :YVP180M – 18.5/4
    7. PLC : DVPEH32000T3
    8. HMI :DOP107CV
    9. Servo motor driver :ASDA-B3-0721
    10. Take up frequency converter :VFD055C43A
    11. Paying off frequency converter :VFD220C43A
    • The paying off motor adopts AC variable frequency
    • Setting out has the function of rewinding
    • The dancer uses spring pre compression to generate tension and control the tension of welding wire in layer
    • It is equipped with a wire straightening mechanism, which is convenient for wire straightening and adjustment of spring back and warpage, and can ensure the requirements of wire feeding performance.
    • Variable frequency motor for winding up : 5.5 kW AC
    • The step motor and controller are used for layer winding and wiring, with accurate and reliable
    • Compressed air: air source 0.5MPa ~ 0.6MPa. Each time the braking action of the whole unit is completed, about 0.55m3 is
    • Wire specification:Φ8mm、Φ1.0mm、Φ1.2mm、Φ1.6mm。
    • Weight of welding wire reel:15-20Kg。
    • Maximum speed of layer winder:22m/s。